The Keto Diet Vs. Keto 2.0

The Keto Diet Vs. Keto 2.0

The keto diet continues to make the charts this year as one of the top diets for safe and effective long-term weight loss, according to over 40 health and diet experts from US News and World Report. 

But along with the keto diet, we’re also seeing another, less restrictive trend lately—what’s known as “Keto 2.0.” So here’s a recap of what the keto diet is, how Keto 2.0 is different, and how Scotty’s products fit in. 

The Keto Diet   

The ketogenic diet involves keeping your digestible carb intake very low and essentially replacing it with fat and protein. This puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis, which can have several key benefits. When you’re in ketosis, your body starts using your fuel more efficiently by burning fat for energy, which is why it can be so effective for weight loss. It can also help reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, and give your brain more energy via fat converted into ketones. 

There are already several variations of the keto diet, but the “Standard Ketogenic Diet” (SKD) is at its core a very low-carb and high-fat plan with the following breakdown of macronutrients as a general rule: 

  • 70% fat 
  • 20% protein 
  • 10% carbohydrates 

That might look like staying below 50 net carbs per day and filling up on healthy fats from meat, fish, avocados, and oils, for instance. 

As one variation of the keto diet, some people choose to eat what’s known as a “dirty keto diet.” That’s when the same basic macronutrient guidelines are followed, but certain ingredients that can kick you out of ketosis may be consumed. 

Keto 2.0 

Maybe you’ve tried the keto diet time and time again and it just hasn’t stuck—or you’ve stuck to it, but are concerned about nutritional gaps in your diet, or haven’t found the restrictions to be worth it for you. That’s where many people are finding “Keto 2.0” helpful as a more relaxed and plant-forward version. 

While it may not result in ketosis, it’s still a low-carb diet, but with more elements of a Mediterranean diet than found in the SKD. 

While there’s no formal guideline for Keto 2.0, some nutritionists go by these numbers: 

  • 50% fat
  • 30% protein
  • 20% carbohydrates

As you can see, the distribution is a bit more balanced in Keto 2.0. The standard keto diet tends to be pretty meat and dairy heavy, but Keto 2.0 makes way for more nourishing plant-based foods, like non-starchy fruits, vegetables, and certain whole grains. There’s also an emphasis on leaner protein sources, like fish over steak and fats from nuts and seeds instead of animal sources. 

Because Keto 2.0 allows for more carbohydrates and food choices, it may be easier to sustain, while also making room for more plant foods that nourish your body. 

Scotty’s and Keto

Whatever your relationship to diets and weight loss in 2024, Scotty’s offers keto baking mixes and other healthy cooking ingredients that make it easy and delicious to achieve your health goals this year. 

Sugar-free and gluten-free, with 0-1 net carbs per serving and no “dirty keto” ingredients, Scotty’s mixes are suitable for however you do food—whether you’re strictly keto, dipping your toes into the low-carb lifestyle, neither, or somewhere in between. 


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