5 Tips for Setting Achievable Goals In The New Year

5 Tips for Setting Achievable Goals In The New Year

The new year is a time to take inventory of our habits and implement fresh changes. But how often do we fall short of our resolutions after less than a month in? Do we even remember what they were halfway through the year? Here are some tips for making small, sustainable resolutions to achieve real results in 2024! 

1. Go Small or Go Home 

When you’re stuck in the nitty gritty details of everyday life, lofty goals are the last thing you’ll be focused on, so try making small, achievable resolutions you can incorporate into your day. Committing to micro habits (like putting on your exercise clothes and shoes every morning) can be an effective strategy for leading to the desired outcome (in this case, your fitness goals). 

2. Rethink Your Diet 

If you haven’t had success sticking to a strict keto diet, but still want some sort of structure to help you limit your carb intake, you might consider “Keto 2.0.” It’s a less strict version that could be easier to sustain long-term. 

While there’s no formal guideline for Keto 2.0, some nutritionists go by these numbers: 

  • 50% fat
  • 30% protein
  • 20% carbohydrates

That’s about 10-20% less fat and 10% more carbs than the traditional keto diet—with an added emphasis on leaner protein sources, like fish over steak and fats from nuts and seeds instead of animal fats. 

While Keto 2.0 might not result in ketosis, it’s built on a similar foundation of limiting net carbs, while making room for a variety of whole food choices that can contribute to a healthy diet.  

3. Say Yes, Not No 

Research from PLoS One suggests that action-based goals are more successful after one year than avoidance-based goals. Instead of restricting yourself by setting terms like “no sugar” or “no gluten,” you’ll have more fun with your resolutions if you switch to a positive, empowering framework—like planning to reach for our Scotty’s Everyday sugar free, gluten-free, low net carb baking mixes or new zero-calorie sugar replacement, when you have the urge for sweet treats. 

4. Set Quarterly Goals

Research from Forbes this year shows that the average resolution only lasts 3.74 months. Clearly, it can be easy to lose sight of yearly goals after the first push. Some experts say that 3-month plans are the perfect amount of time for goal-setting. To shift to this method, try out a quarterly task planner and see if it works for you! 

5. Do it with a Friend

Studies show that people who tackle weight management goals with a buddy are more likely to stick with it. Partnering up with a friend or fitness group can help with accountability, motivation, and emotional support, while making your health journey more fun along the way.

Here’s to a fresh start and a bright new year from the Scotty’s team! We’ll be baking up more fun things this year to keep you on track with your health goals and your happiness goals. 


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