Scotty's Everday

Scotty’s is all about bringing the familiar taste of bread and the joy of baking back to people with keto or gluten-free needs.

It’s not about slapping a “keto” claim onto a product. It’s about real people and their needs. We made a bread mix with humans in mind, and we put careful thought into every ingredient—from the resistant tapioca starch to your nonstick spray.

You deserve bread.

A food as cherished as bread shouldn’t be forbidden to people with dietary restrictions.

We wanted to like the other no- or low-carb breads we tried, but they either contained gluten, or were made with coconut or nut flours that didn’t have that satisfying real bread texture, taste, and smell we were craving.

That’s the difference with our keto bread mix.


You deserve to bake.

You can’t beat the positive emotional triggers, psychological benefits and wholesome feelings that come from baking something warm.

If you’re keto, gluten-free, or watching carbs, you can have fun in the kitchen again, making fresh bread for your everyday needs, or experimenting with using this mix in other baked goods and keto foods.

Who’s Scotty?

Meet everybody’s favorite food scientist, nutrition expert, baker, and pastry chef. You might not know him, but you’ve probably tried some of his creations.

After 30 years of experience cooking up more nutritious versions of your favorite foods for many of the leading brands in the market, Scott decided to use his expertise in the kitchen to create a line of better options for keto and gluten free eaters. Food you’ll love—that will also love you back.