Celebrate Summer Ingredients With These Easy Ideas

Celebrate Summer Ingredients With These Easy Ideas

Summer’s bursting with the flavors of ripe garden vegetables and juicy, fresh-picked fruits. Here are some easy ways to celebrate—and let’s be honest, use up—the season’s best. Put these ideas on your meal plan for satisfying summer eats!

Southern Tomato Sandwich 

A classic tomato sandwich lets the beauty of a juicy, ripe heirloom summer tomato sing. There’s nothing like picking a tomato fresh off the vine for this simplest of snacks, made with only a few ingredients: white bread, tomato, and mayo, seasoned with salt and pepper. 

Any Southern auntie will tell you it’s best on plain white sandwich bread—but which mayo is king will start a real debate. Scotty’s bread mix gives you delicious, fluffy white bread but keeps things keto so you can enjoy your summer eats without worrying about carb overload. To add a little protein, you can swap the mayo for herbed cream cheese mixed with a spoonful of Greek yogurt. 

Fresh Summer Rolls

Easy and refreshing, summer rolls are a great way to enjoy the produce that you have on hand when entertaining guests. Roll up crunchy julienned cucumber and other veggies with tofu and fresh summer herbs like basil and mint. You can use traditional spring roll rice paper or wrap using greens like collard greens for keto cred. Add a peanut butter based sauce for dipping and enjoy! 

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Enjoying the fruits of the season also means enjoying the fruits of the sea! For your next cookout, change things up with some delicious garlic butter shrimp kabobs. Add a dash of smoky paprika and plenty of lemon juice for zing. 

Garden Focaccia with Cherry Tomatoes 

Golden focaccia is the perfect midsummer side dish to your Niçoise salad or chicken piccata. The key is usually a delicious olive oil and flaky sea salt, but fresh backyard garden extras like cherry tomatoes and herbs will take things to another dimension of deliciousness. Many focaccia methods can take a lot of planning ahead, but this one that’s made using our pizza crust mix only calls for 2-2.5 hours of rise time!

Summer Veggies and Beans 

If your garden basket or farmer’s market box is pouring over with veggies—go with it and let veggies be the star of your dinner. All you need for a complete feast is 1) a hearty serving of beans like butter beans or black beans, 2) another vegetable or two like corn on the cob, summer squash, roasted cherry tomatoes, green beans, baked potato, or okra, and 3) some flaky, buttery biscuits

Like it all mixed together in the skillet? Chop up your veggies and cook them in a simple succotash with corn, onions or shallots, lima beans, cherry tomatoes, and herbs. Bacon bits or sausage will kick the flavor up a notch, and a side of biscuits will take you to the finish line.

Peach Cobbler 

Nothing says summer quite like a haul of soft, fresh peaches. And the beauty of a cobbler for dessert? It’s essentially made using biscuit dough on top—no touchy pie crust recipe needed. Follow your favorite peach cobbler recipe using Scotty’s biscuit mix for fewer carbs. Like a small-batch dessert for single servings? Use this cobbler mug cake idea for inspiration! 

Zucchini Brownies

We’ll never say no to hidden veggies in our desserts. If you have more summer squash than you can give away, try zucchini brownies! You can simply grate a medium zucchini using a box grater and add it to your keto brownie mix for a moist batch of fudgy brownies. Everyone at your summer barbecue will ask you what your secret is. 

We love seeing people use their creativity in the kitchen to highlight seasonal foods. From pizza crust flatbread toppings to sandwich layers to pancake drizzles, there are so many ways to enjoy summer ingredients to their fullest.