5 Easy Ways to Use Allulose In Your Daily Routine

5 Easy Ways to Use Allulose In Your Daily Routine

Good news for weight management! Exciting research has recently come out showing that allulose—the zero-calorie sweetener we love to love here at Scotty’s—is actually being shown to have a similar effect in your body to GLP-1 weight loss medications like Ozempic and Wegovy! Yes, you read that right. 

How does it work? 

A number of studies are indicating that allulose can trigger GLP-1 (Glucagon-Like Peptide-1), the same hormone influenced by these weight loss drugs. 

This hormone signals your body to release insulin (which helps reduce blood sugar levels), as well as slow digestion and promote a feeling of fullness. That’s why these weight loss meds are known for causing people to eat less and ultimately lose weight.

Although research is ongoing, it’s exciting that allulose appears to have a similar impact on GLP-1. 

How many grams should you take? 

Research is still early, but studies suggest that 5 grams per meal is enough to reduce blood glucose levels in healthy individuals after eating—and that translates to about 2 teaspoons. 

Research also shows an influence on body fat. In one study, 121 Korean adults took either 4 or 7 grams of allulose (or a placebo) twice daily for 12 weeks. The group taking more allulose showed a significant drop in body fat, including abdominal fat.

Another small study found that 13 healthy adults who received 5 grams of allulose prior to a meal experienced improved energy metabolism. 

In addition, research tracking allulose intake of 5-15 grams (1-3 teaspoons) per day for up to 48 weeks has not shown this amount to be associated with any negative effects.


Easy ways to get your allulose in every day 

Scotty’s Allulose & Monk Fruit Zero Calorie Sugar Replacement acts like a 1:1 swap for white sugar, whether you’re measuring it out for your baked goods or sprinkling it into your favorite drinks. Here are some easy ways to enjoy more allulose in your day: 

  1. Have some in your coffee - One great way to create new habits is to stack them with habits you already have. Add a spoonful of allulose to your daily cup of coffee in the mornings to help you get things going and start the day off right. 
  2. Add it to your breakfast bowl - A sweet and easy breakfast doesn’t have to send your blood sugar through the roof first thing in the morning! Add allulose to your oatmeal, chia pudding, or overnight oats in place of honey or maple syrup for a better-for-you bowl. 
  3. Blend it in your smoothies - Are you an on-the-go eater? Smoothies are perfect for sipping on your way to the gym or office, but sometimes they could use a little extra sweetness. Add allulose to balance the flavors in your green smoothie or high protein shake. 
  4. Infuse it in your wellness waters - From hot lemon water with collagen to iced green tea to cucumber water, allulose is a fantastic sugar replacement to sweeten any drink and counter bitter notes. 
  5. Make a mocktail! Of course, allulose is also the perfect addition to your mocktails and cocktails. For a quick nightcap, try this Allulose & Monk Fruit Mocktail that only takes 5 minutes to make! 

And of course, you can use our allulose sweetener as a direct replacement in all your baked goods. 

Craving fudgy brownies, fluffy biscuits, cupcakes, pancakes, or waffles? Allulose is already included in our Scotty’s baking mixes to make your day that much sweeter—and easier.

Want to learn more about this amazing ingredient? Head here to read some of the other reasons we love allulose


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