fry bread


prep timebake timeketo-friendly
10  mins5  minsyes

We're all about versatility around here, and this fluffy goodness is just that! 
Otherwise known as Navajo, or Indian, fry bread, this is quick and easy to make and the toppings are completely up to you!

Recently, @amandaeatsclean showed us a few different ways she uses her fry bread and we HAD to share!
Fry bread ground beef tacos and ditching the pita for a gyro filled fry bread. She simply made the bread ahead of time and stuffed it with a couple of different proteins and toppings!


  • 1 package of scotty's everyday bread mix
  • cooking oil of choice


  • Prepare dough according to instructions.
  • Warm a frying pan over high heat with your cooking oil of choice. 
  • Separate your dough- piece by piece- and begin rolling it into balls.
  • In between two pieces of plastic wrap, or a zip loc bag cut in half, place each ball and flatten it out until it's a larger circular shape.
  • Place flattened piece of dough into heated frying skillet and let sit for a minute or two on both sides or until bread is cooked through.

scotty's everyday keto
bread mix

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